The quintessential charm of Clearwell village

Located in the west of Gloucestershire, in the heart of the Forest of Dean, the village of Clearwell is one of the prettiest and most historic spots in the area. A quintessential English village, it’s home to several welcoming pubs, a number of historic sites, and a network of eerie caves.

If you’re looking for a destination for a weekend break, a country escape or romantic retreat, Clearwell could be perfect. Keep reading to find out more.

Historic sites

Understanding a little bit of Clearwell’s history will help you appreciate this pretty village even more. Once a collection of three hamlets, the village has existed on this spot since at least the 14th century.

Once known as Wellington, ‘the place of the spring’, the village was renamed Clowerwell, ‘spring amongst the clover’, and it’s from this that today’s name derives.

The most prominent sight in the village is Clearwell Castle. Originally constructed in the 15th century, the castle has undergone a number of renovations over the years but still retains its grand appearance and imposing façade. The castle is closed to the public and open for weddings only, but it’s still a sight worth seeing even if you can’t have a peek inside!

Another must-see attraction in the local area is Clearwell Caves. An ancient iron ore mine, the caves are a great place to learn a little more about local history.

As @ClearwellCaves says, ”The caverns are a chronicle of thousands of years of mining at Clearwell Caves and you can still meet the local Forest Freeminers here – men whose birthright entitles them to dig for iron ores and precious ochres still found here today.

Eating and drinking

The Wyndham houses our bar and restaurant boasting a magnificent menu and wide range of tipples to choose from. If you fancy a change Clearwell is also home to The Butcher’s Arms and the Tudor Farmhouse all offering great food, excellent drinks and a welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re planning a walk from Clearwell, plan your route to end at one of these great watering holes and you can enjoy a filling meal or a well-earned drink at the end of your day out.

Outdoor activities

Many of the people who come to Clearwell do so because of its stunning location in the historic Forest of Dean. In the surrounding area you’ll find a fantastic choice of walking routes and bike paths as well as historic woodlands, old quarries and winding waterways.

Spend your days canoeing along the River Wye, admiring the twisted trees of Puzzlewood, hiking through the local hills or cycling through the forest. On top of all that, the area boasts an historic steam train, a diving centre, a photography school, and many excellent art galleries.

With so much on offer in Clearwell and the surrounding area, this charming village could well be the perfect location for your next getaway. Find out more about Clearwell and the Forest of Dean, and start planning your trip, by taking a look around our site today.

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