Daring Dragons and Whimsical Trails: The Perfect Family Day at Zog Activity Trails

The Perfect Family Day at Zog Activity Trails.

There are many things to see and do in the Forest of Dean, especially for families. If you are heading to the area with children, you won’t be short of activities and attractions. However, one that stands out from the rest is Zog Activity Trails

What are Zog Activity Trails?

If you have young children, you are sure to know all about Zog. He’s an accident-prone dragon currently enrolled in Dragon School, where he’s learning to fly, roar and breathe fire. His goal is to become the best in his class and win a golden star, and now your whole family can get involved in his quest. Located across England, Zog Activity Trails enable little ones to head out with everyone’s favourite dragon on his latest forest adventure, collecting gold stars along the way. 

You can enjoy one of the trails right here in the Forest of Dean. Armed with your trusty app and a lot of energy, it’s a fun and enjoyable way for children to learn about forests. Not only is Zog the ideal guide through the twists and turns of the forest, but it’s a great way to see much of what the Forest of Dean has to offer.

What to Expect at Zog Activity Trails?

Zog Activity Trails are interactive trails designed with the whole family in mind. Along the way, children can learn lots of facts about the forests and enjoy various activities, all while collecting golden stars. It’s educational and informative – children can learn how to help care for the forest, and how the forests can help care for them – but also a lot of fun. It allows you to make the most of the great outdoors, and the beauty the Forest of Dean offers. 

There’s an activity pack to use, fully equipped with everything you need for your adventure, including a bag to colour in, dragon wings to decorate and wear, glasses, stickers and crayons. The glasses will help you find hidden letters and solve word puzzles, and the crayons will come in handy when it’s time to complete your certificate. The pack, along with the helpful augmented reality Zog app, provides you with everything you need to guide you on your journey. 

It’s the ideal family day for kids of all ages. Plus, you can even take a photo with Zog at the end and show everyone how you met the famous dragon. 

Enjoy Zog Activity Trails from The Wyndham

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