A family-owned and run business with over 30 years' experience delivering fine hospitality and excellent food & drink

The Wyndham is owned and run by Country House Weddings Ltd, a family-owned and run wedding venue group that has collectively held over 10,000 weddings in its five exclusive-use venues since its conception. The chairman and founder, Harry Bramer, still presides over the business today and whilst The Wyndham may differ from its sister venues when it comes to weddings, it does share two core tenets of the business: fine hospitality and excellent food & drink.

The history of The Wyndham

The Wyndham family arrives – 1727

Thomas Wyndham and his family buy the Clearwell estate and its buildings for £3,277. The family set about building a significant number of buildings on the estate including The Wyndham as we know it now, likely to be resided in as a manor house, and also Clearwell Castle (pictured).

Thomas of Dunraven – Late 18th Century

The estate passes down from Thomas Wyndham to his son, Thomas of Dunraven, and then on to Dunraven’s daughter, Caroline (pictured). It is during this period that the grand ballroom at Clearwell Castle, with its 75-foot aisle, is used as a chapel for the village folk.

'The Wymondham Arms' - 1852

The first reference of the building being used as a public house is in Salter’s Coleford directory of 1852, which lists the pub as The Wymondham Arms – it is believed that this as a result of a spelling mistake!

A dilapidated cider house - 1972

More recently, a popular Land Lady, Louisa Maynard, ran the pub for nearly 60 years from the early 1900s.

John and Rosemary Stanford reputedly bought it in 1972 as a ‘dilapidated cider house’ and transformed it into a thriving business employing over 30 people, before retiring in 2002.

Clearwell Castle gets a new owner – 1998

Clearwell Castle is purchased by Harry Bramer, owner of Country House Weddings, and is transformed into one of the most popular exclusive-use wedding venues in the South West of England.

The Castle and The Wyndham Reunite – 2017

The Wyndham is finally reunited with Clearwell Castle estate. The run-down pub is bought by the owners of Clearwell Castle, Country House Weddings, and is lovingly restored and offered to wedding guests as part of The Castle’s ‘Night-before package’.

The Wyndham Country Inn - 2019

The Wyndham opens its doors to the public for the first time in 3 years as a Country Inn with Suites.