Walking related gift guide for Father’s Day 2021

We’re giving you plenty of time to get ready this year for Father’s Day on June 20.

If your Dad happens to love walking then that’s even better still – because that just happens to be the gift theme we’re pursuing today. Here are our favourite gifts for him next month.

Walking Boots Journal

At £13.99, this very cute PU-finished notebook won’t exactly break the bank, but we’re sure your hiking loving Dad will break into a smile when he sees it.

There’s a marker ribbon and 99 pages for him to make notes of his favourite walks or take down details of folk he meets on his travels. Best of all, there are those cute pewter walking boots on the bottom left-hand corner.

Ruffwear collapsible fabric dog bowl

If your Dad likes to go trekking with his faithful companion then why not treat the dog too? This collapsible dog bowl is made from melded fabric so is lightweight enough not to notice its weight when walking.

And, the fact the bowl is foldable and can be attached to a belt or rucksack via a carabiner means it’s also easy to carry. It can be used for both food or water. You can buy for £26.99 from Amazon, making it a good price for a father’s day gift.

Personalised hip flask

If he doesn’t already have one, then why not treat your Dad to a personalised hip flask with embossed mountain?

Hand-made, these can have your Dad’s initials put on them. Made from stainless steel and leather, they’re hard-wearing enough for him to drop it a few times.

The flask is available in three different sizes – 3oz, 6ox and 8oz – and actually, you can choose from a huge variety of designs to be embossed on it. Costs from £40 to £60.

Ultra-lightweight socks

Ok, it’s not exactly a sexy gift but if you’re a hiker then you’ll know how important the right pair of socks is for comfort. These Bridgedale men’s endurance socks are lightweight and made from Merino wool.

They’re comfortable to wear, according to reviews from other walkers, mainly thanks to the fact they’re very breathable (so no smelly feet when the boots come off). These retail at £18.50 but there’s a whole range of Merino socks from £11 up to £20.

The Boot Buddy

Another reasonably-priced Father’s Day gift, the Boot Buddy will keep your Dad’s walking boots clean and mud-free on his walks.

There’s a brush for scrubbing and water for cleaning. It’s also manual so there’s no messing about with batteries or looking for a charger. It retails at around £18.

The Wye Valley is the perfect location for a day’s walking, or even a whole week’s walking holiday. Of course, there’s the Wyndham for a lovely cool ale as a reward for all that effort afterwards.

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