A Run Down of the Ruins Found Around the Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is one of the UK’s most historic beauty spots. It sits in the western part of the county of Gloucestershire and is an area of more than 110 square kilometres of ancient woodland.

Historically, the area has been the site of many important settlements, fortresses, castles and industries like forestry, charcoal production, iron working, and coal mining.

Sitting so close to Wales, many of the place names reflect the close proximation to the Celtic country. The woodland in the centre of the Forest of Dean is an area that has been protected since Ancient Roman times for hunting purposes.

With such a rich, long history to discover, read on to find out more about why your next weekend away should be in The Forest of Dean.

In and around

When you stay with us at The Wyndham, you are within an easy drive of so many sites of cultural and historical significance.

However, The Forest of Dean, which is on our doorstep, is a place that is packed with remarkable sites of interest. Here are our favourites.

From our family-owned sumptuous main house, lodge and barn, the Brockhampton Estate is just over an hour away. Brockhampton is now a National Trust site.

It is a traditionally farmed estate and medieval manor house with orchards and wildflower meadows providing homes to the local wildlife.

Medieval marvel

Caldicot Castle is a stone medieval castle that is just over half an hour away from us here at The Wyndham in Monmouthshire.

The castle was a home for people from the Normans until the Victorian era when it was a resplendent Victorian mansion.

Can’t-miss Cathedrals

Or, at 45 minutes away from us in The Wyndham, there is Hereford Cathedral. The Chained Library in Hereford Cathedral, which houses texts dating back to the 8th century.

The Mappa Mundi is also kept at Hereford Cathedral. It is a map (drawn on to a single sheet of vellum) that reflects the thinking of the medieval Church so Jerusalem is depicted at the centre of the world. With so many incredible sights to see, Hereford is well worth a visit for any history buffs.

Whilst you are in Hereford, Dore Abbey is a must see too. Dore Abbey was once one of the great medieval Cistercian monasteries of the medieval era, but today it is an impressive parish with breath-taking architecture.

Something for everyone

If you are looking for a more regal experience during your stay with us at The Wyndham, then Goodrich Castle is 25 minutes away or at 1 hour away, there is the Tudor Hampton Court Gardens, in Hope under Dinmore, Leominster. Both of which offer a more dramatically opulent experience for a day out.

Hartpury Historic Buildings is 45 minutes away and has plenty to offer the budding historian. Hartpury Heritage Trust owns the Old Chapel Hall, the Church, Hartpury Orchard Centre with the National Perry Pear Collection, and the Bee Shelter.

Our final recommendation is that you spend a day at Chepstow Castle. It is a short 20 minute drive away from our cosy and comfortable spot in Coleford and while you are there visit Chepstow Museum to learn about the history of the town which was once an important port and market centre.


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